The 10 Week Transformational Parenting Process:

We see a personal trainer if we want to lose weight, we hire a cleaner if we want help cleaning our home and we speak to sleep consultants if we want to get our baby into a sleep schedule yet we don’t look anywhere for help with our parenting. This is likely because we feel like a failure, we feel shame, judged and for what ever reason we don’t want to ask for help.

The good news is Parenting Coaches are emerging and we are here to help you. Parenting coaching provides a NEW way for parents to gain support for a variety of parenting issues.

You’ve heard the term ‘it takes a village?’ and you know today more and more of us don’t have villages. Some of us are solo parenting, parenting in blended families, parenting with lack of extended family around and feeling damn right lonely in the process. I get it, I’ve been there - it was one of the main driving forces behind training to become a parenting coach and I’m so glad I did!

Not only will you go through this course uncovering limiting beliefs, understanding why you do the things you do and finding practical tools for communicating, empathising and CONNECTING with your children - you will also have my one-to-one support on our weekly coaching calls and feel supported in a safe, confident space along your parenting journey.


My Mission

My mission as a parenting coach is to help parents become more emotionally connected and attuned to their children’s needs. Many of us grew up not feeling seen, heard or listened to. On the surface we had a great loving upbringing, nice home, good education and family holidays yet we felt our parents didn’t really know us. Some of us are products of Childhood Emotional Neglect where parents failed to respond to our emotional needs. This wasn’t necessary deliberate it could have been because our parents had their own demons to deal with. The thing is it because generational and we repeat history in our own parenting patterns. I am here to help you uncover all of this and to break parenting patterns.

I recommend you follow Fiona’s page ESPECIALLY If you have children!!

She is AMAZING at what she does!!
— Amy Ormston: Master NLP Practitioner

the 10 Week Process

We will explore:

  • Week 1: Making Peace With Your Parenting Past

  • Week 2: Your Quantum Mindshift As a Parent

  • Week 3: Making Sense Of Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence

  • Week 4: Forgiveness and Parenting

  • Week 5: Empowered Conversations

  • Week 6: Integration and Practice of a New Mindset

  • Week 7: Establishing Boundaries According To Family Values

  • Week 8: Exploring Anger

  • Week 9: Play With Your Kids

  • Week 10: Your Personal Transformation