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With Jasmine Lily October 2015


I'm Fiona Ng the creator of Happy Me Tea.

Almost 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my first daughter I was shopping around for the popular third trimester drink 'raspberry leaf tea' and I was disappointed with the lack of good quality, organic tea on the market for pregnant women and mums.

Being a huge tea fan my mind start ticking about owning and creating my very own tea brand. Known by my friends as the 'tea queen' I would always have a variety of different tea blends in my hand bag and would take them everywhere I went as I was fed up of drinking watered down, tasteless tea bags when I went out.

So here birthed Happy Me Tea. I spent a year in research and development whilst also looking after my new born Jasmine (yes she was named after my favourite tea) and I would be importing tea from all over the world and tea tasting during her nap times!  (not a bad gig if you ask me)



Fast forward to July 2017 I was weeks away from birthing my second daughter (having two under two I must have been crazy) and I received one of my very first sales whilst in labour.

Happy Me Tea is a feel good positive brand that aims to connect with pregnant women and new mums world wide. Five blends have been carefully curated which centres around the motherhood journey starting with our pregnancy tea, breastfeeding tea, a morning wake up tea & energy tea (all mums could do we more energy don't you agree?) and lastly our popular spearmint digestion tea.

All our teas are organic using natural ingredients and are sourced in a sustainable way. As a mumpreneur it was important to work alongside suppliers which also focus on women empowerment. The tea leaves are grown and selected in Fair trade Conditions by women who love what they do and get paid well which enables them to provide and support their families and to also pay for their children's education. Knowing that I can be part of supporting this makes all the sleepless nights mixing babies and business all worth it - and nothing delights me more than knowing people can sit down and relax with a cup of Happy Me tea.

We are temporarily OUT OF STOCK on the website at the moment however you can click here to order through our amazon store.