I’m Fiona Ng and I’m a Parenting Coach for parent entrepreneurs.

I’ll never forget the moment my youngest daughter was 3 months old and she was admitted to hospital with viral meningitis. I had just launched my e-commerce business which took a year to plan and launch. I was sat in her hospital room looking at her laying there thinking this is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life.

I felt alone, overwhelmed, frightened, worried about the outcome but there was also a portion of me that was stressing out about my new business!

I didn’t realise that it would take my daughter falling ill for me to completely re-evaluate where my focus was going. I decided there and then that I would cancel the contract to work with the business coach I had been working with. Although she was a mum she didn’t align with me and I didn’t want to focus on aggressive tactics in the quest for 6 figures where I would have to put my children second.

My children always come first.


Fast track to now and I’m a fully certified parenting coach through the Jai Institute of Parenting. Making the decision for parenting to become my ‘work’ has been the best decision I have ever made!

2018 was a transformational year on so many levels and I know my daughters will thank me for the sacrifices I made and still do make.

I wanted to financially provide for my girls - I know money makes the world go round and it is important to have but I also knew that investing in myself and my parenting was even more important. We all know someone who grew up with everything they had materially but lacked in other areas.

Through my parenting training I know now how to:

  • Emotionally connect on a deeper level with my children (they actually come and tell me how they feel!)

  • I have up-levelled my communication skills which means boundaries are in place and I communicate my needs so my children learn to healthily communicate theirs.

  • Incorporate play into every day tasks which means my children cooperate with very little power struggles.

  • Look at my own triggers and understand a lot of the time it’s very much about what’s going on for me opposed to the problem being my child.

  • I can recognise that outward behaviours are expressions of inward feelings so I don’t react, yell, threaten or bribe. (I don’t even have a mum shouty voice!)

And there is SO much more peace and calm in our family.

And dare I say it - there’s this healthy balance where all needs get met and if for some reason life throws a few curve balls I know how to navigate around life stressors which much more ease.

Are you ready to invest in yourself and your family?


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