Top 20 Preggy Problems

#1 The constant sweating – ok, this is not cute at all – it is summer (not that England has the best weather in summer) and I’m not sure whether this would be too much of an issue in Winter, however it is now the norm to be drenched in pools of sweat daily (down the back, under the boobs, feet, face – yeah I’ll spare the gory details, I have already shared a little bit too much info on this topic – but cold showers, baths, iced water and air con are my new best friends!


#2 Chafting legs – I am one of the unfortunate ones who isn’t just ‘all front’ and if anyone dares tell me I am, how do they explain to me the chafting legs? My thighs have grown so big they now touch making the excessive sweating (#1) along with wearing dresses a complete uncomfortable disaster. My friend told me she saw some perfect trousers for me the other day in a shop window ‘anti-chafting pants’ – I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry


#3 Insomnia – preggy insomnia is my most recent problem! This has only really occurred in the third trimester with a few weeks till Labour day and it is just sooooooooooo annoying. If it isn’t bad enough spending days cleaning the house and finding ‘practical’ jobs to do, I’m now having to entertain myself in the evenings whilst I’m sat up, literally for hours on end. The other night I didn’t get to sleep until 7am, waking again at 9am. (I find it pretty hilarious when people tell you to get plenty of sleep before the baby arrives!)


#4 Hormonal meltdowns – nothing new here, this one has been consistent throughout the whole of my pregnancy. I’ve lost count of the amount of ‘duvet’ days I’ve topped up where life looks bleak (totes drama queen), along with the irrational crying on the kitchen floor. I’ve had emotional meltdowns over the most ridiculous things from Afternoon Teas, cutting the grass and the hubby putting the wrong ingredients in my Bolognese sauce!


#5 Bloating – reaching the stage where you pass the ‘pregnancy glow’ and you retain water like everywhere! My wedding rings don’t even go halfway down my finger, I broke my fave sandals yesterday as i tried to squish my fat feet in them and my face now resembles the moon ( some honest people have even told me my face has filled out and boy I can’t wait to be reunited with my jaw line)


#6 Baby brain – I’ve heard this one only gets worse, but this one is pretty funny. From those moments where I’ve sworn that I got some food out the freezer only to realize that I didn’t and there was nothing to eat for tea, along with being convinced I put the dark chocolate in the shopping trolley to later search all the kitchen cupboards for it to never of been purchased!


pregnancy problems

#7 “I’ve got nothing to wear!” – every girl has said this at some point in their life, but this statement becomes ever so true in pregnancy. I’ve gradually kissed good bye to my favourite skinny jeans and I long for the days when I can fit in my leather trousers again! On a day to day basis I alternate between 3 oh so not glam outfits, from black sportswear, to that ‘one’ maxi dress or some comfy larger than life stretchy pants which are usually found in the form of pyjamas!

#8 Leg cramps – there’s nothing better than starting the day with a spring in your step, or CRAMP in a pregnant ladies case. The rock hard leg cramps started in second trimester, and just the positioning of one toe in a certain spot can offset the most tightest of cramps!


#9 The constant need to pee! – we all need to go to the toilet right, but pregnant ladies need to go far more often. When we went on our baby moon to Greece in June a 4 hour plane journey resulted in over 20 trips to the toilet (yes I was counting), I could see the sympathizing looks from understanding woman, but everyone else must have thought I had some serious issue. The desperate need to pee 24/7 is no laughing matter!

Pregnancy problems


#10 No self control – prior to being pregnant I was that annoying friend who would refuse a slice of birthday cake or would only eat out at places where I could get a ‘healthy’ salad, now days you can find me trying out the new ‘cake shops’, and having unhealthy ‘movie snacks’ on a nightly basis. (I blame the baby!)

#11 Being irritable – we all experience this but when pregnant things just seem harder to tolerate. I ask my husband to go in the kitchen, shut the door and gulp his water otherwise I have visions of smashing his face against the wall as each gulp gets louder and louder (poor hubby), he also faces some kind of domestic violence in the bedroom when he snores or breathes too loudly.. this a pregnant lady cannot cope with!

#12 Bipolar behaviours – kind of goes in line with #4 but my mood is up and down like a yoyo. The hubby experiences a range of different Fiona’s in one day – from the highly motivated energised woman ready to take on the world, to the woman whose laying on the sofa with no desire to cook dinner, clean the kitchen or even get dressed. Mehhh.. am I coming or going, your guess is as good as mine!


#13 Shaving becomes an life or death struggle – I can vouch for this and have a lovely 4 inch scar down my leg from trying to shave. I have too much dignity to ask the hubby (plus I wouldn’t trust the hubby coming towards me with a razor), so now shaving is a rare treat for when I have the energy to groom myself!


#14 Google becomes your best friend – every ache, twinge, feeling, symptom gets checked on Google (like religiously) especially towards the end of third trimester (obsessing over other peoples pregnancy stories, labour experiences and symptoms – convincing yourself that it’s going to happen right now, even though everyone’s story is completely different)


#15 Midnight eating – excessive hunger can strike at anytime – not just during the day. Tossing and turning in bed with hunger pains only results in midnight binges. Thankfully I’ve kept mine fairly healthy, but Matt has been woken up in the middle of the night to see me stuffing rice cakes and fruit whilst resting the bowl on my belly.


pregnancy problems

#16 You feel like you have been pregnant, forever – like LITERALLY  one lie you learn is that pregnancy is 10 months, not 9 like your led to believe prior to being pregnant. That is like almost one whole year of being pregnant and then you truly do learn the art of being patient!

#17 Go commando or wear big pants – the luxury of cute underwear is a distant memory and sometimes it’s easier to go without wearing a bra then having one dig into your skin all day. Shopping for knickers becomes a practical task – looking for the biggest ones with a comfy/stretchy waist band! Comfort is a must!

#18 Bleeding gums – waking up some mornings looking like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, blood gushing from my gums, dripping through my teeth like a vampire! (don’t worry I’ve been to the dentist and have been assured this is pregnancy related and completely normal)


#19 Breathlessness – I didn’t think it was quite possible experiencing breathlessness just from having a conversation. Now walking up two flights of stairs in my house is understandable when I’m carrying extra weight – but breathlessness from something which isn’t classed as a physical activity is just not normal!


#20 Being told you can because your pregnant – I hear this alllllllllll the time, especially when it comes to food choices. ‘Oh go on your eating for two, have that chocolate cake’, or ‘It’s ok, I’ll forgive your emotional behaviour because your pregnant’ – as fun as this may seem, i’m going to start getting a complex thinking i can rule the world and get away with everything and anything – until that day, the baby pops out, and I’ve used all my sympathy reserves and am brought back down to earth with a bump!


So there you have it my top #20 preggy problems – I’m sure there’s plenty more but these are my standout ones.