The Worst Things About Being A Parent

As a stay at home mum whose with my two bundles of joy pretty much 24/7 I often have those days where I fantasize about moving to a Desert Island all by myself. To live isolated from any other humans. To eat when I want, go to the bathroom when I want and oh to sleep when I want (pretty much sounds like life before kids actually!)

Anyway I thought I'd do a bit of a light hearted post today with the Top 8 Worst Things About Being A Parent (childless friends please don't let this put you off as there are plenty of positives I promise you haha)

1) Not being able to do your business in peace -  Starting with this one as it's fresh in my mind as I've just had to cut things short to tend to a crying baby. Going to the toilet in peace is such a huge luxury its no wonder that given any opportunity mum/or dad spends a good fifteen minutes in there. I can imagine it will only get worse as they get older and start to barge into the toilet. Privacy? What's privacy? That no longer exists!

2) Sleep deprivation - well this one couldn't be missed off the list could it although it's pretty obvious that this is likely the WORST part of being a parent. Us women technically kiss goodbye to our sleep as soon as we find out were pregnant. And it begins for dads when we arrive back from hospital (and they thought it was tiring during labour LOL). Nothing hits you harder than not being able to sleep. It's like a lucky dip wondering how many hours your going to get each night and which one of you is going to lose your shit first as you get up for the hundredth time!  Having a toddler and newborn, I can't even tell you which stage is worse for sleep - in the past two years I don't think my husband and I have ever had a good run of babies sleeping through the night!

3. A solo trip to the supermarket is classed as 'alone time' - no one likes to food shop on the best of days but when your hubby grants you permission to go to the shops alone and exclaims "Enjoy your alone time" as you're walking out the door - it's completely normal to lose your cool. It's become a bit of a joke in our household although I know deep down my hubby really does class the weekly food shop as my alone time!

4. Unable to say yes straight away to social gatherings - Before becoming a parent you're pretty much your own boss and you don't have to put much thought into whether you want to go to the cinema with friends or if you want cocktails and dinner with your partner. As soon as kids come along everything needs to be carefully thought out and diaries need to be coordinated with babysitters. Sometimes it's not even worth the hassle which is why you haven't been out for months!

5. Crying, crying and more crying - as you become a parent you soon start to forget what silence is like and if you ever do get silence it really is golden. You can often find me sparked out on the sofa staring into thin air in complete utter silence should the opportunity ever arise. But 99% of the time there is crying and whinging of some sort (day and night!)

6. Constant Illnesses - before having kids my husband and I took pride in the fact we were never ill (unless it was self inflicted of course). That soon changed when our first born turned one and started to pick up every germ and bug from dirty, grimy playgroups and soft plays. Sickness in a family has a domino affect so when one child gets ill no one escapes and its absolutely HORRIFIC being ill and looking after kids!

7. No recovery time - even if you do manage to plan a social gathering you are going to pay for it the next day regardless of whether you were drinking or not. Late nights aren't worth it because you're either absolutely wrecked the next day (more so than usual) or by default you have to do the night shift because you have had some 'child free time'. It's having zero recovery time that kills you the most. Not being able to have a good night sleep after a full day and night at a friends wedding, or not being able to fully recovery after a bout of sickness. You have to just keep on going.

8. Looking frazzled, haggard and stressed pretty much 24/7 - Oh how I long to wear the shoe boots and nice heels that are sat covered in dust placed in my wardrobe. Or those leather trousers that are far too tight and uncomfortable to possibly wear when looking after two children.  I pretty much rotate between about three or four various outfits which all include either jeans or leggings, a baggy t-shirt and a jumper that hasn't been washed for days but who cares because it's comfy right? No amount of concealer in the world can cover the eye bags and you can pretty much rule out washing your hair unless you have a spare hour to dry and straighten it! (Dry shampoo is your saviour)

I was actually going to write ten points here but got tired halfway through #mumlife - feel free to add some of your own in the comments below as I know there are plenty I've missed!



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