The Top 10 Things To Do When Your Having a Bad Day

We all experience those damn right sucky days. The ones where you didn't manage to get a shower and you have been sporting unwashed hair now for five days in a row! The days where your kids decide they don't want to nap so you haven't had a second to yourself and those days where you just cannot be bothered making dinner and washing the dishes for what seems like the hundredth time that week! #mumlife

It's OK to have sucky days as long as you don't dwell in them forever (we've got to snap out of them at some point) and it's important to know what you can do to help yourself feel better so I've compiled a list of some of my favourite things to do when your having a bad day (in no particular order).

1. Light some candles - I don't know what it is about us women but we LOVE candles (they do have to be scented though!) Lighting a few candles can instantly chill you out and create a nice peaceful environment. I often run around tidying the house before the hubby comes back from work each day and I make sure a few candles are lit in hope that it has the same affect on him when he walks through the door.

2. Text a friend and have a good old vent - Have a list of friends you can vent to who accept you without judgement. I would be doomed if some of my whats app chats ever were leaked as I have some outrageous vents with some of my friends. Topics like the husband being messy and thinking I'm the house slave or vents about my toddler refusing to nap are some of my common ramblings!

3. Put your favourite music on and turn up the volume - music is good for the soul and best when played on loud settings. Don't be tempted to put on the ballads or the soulful songs that make you want to cry your eyes out. Get the feel good tunes on and dance around the living room (preferably in your undies for full effect!)

4. Drink cups of tea -If you're British there's nothing that a good cup of tea can't fix! You may want to reach for a glass of wine at the end of a bad day but depending on how bad your day has been it may be a bad idea (no one wants a nasty two day hangover as that would just make everything worse) A cup of tea warms the soul (and the belly) and just makes you feel warm and fussy inside - perfect.

5. Eat chocolate and lots of it - this kind of goes in line with number 4 as you can't have a hot cup of tea without a bit of your favourite chocolate. Mines Dairy Milk or a large box from Hotel Chocolat - and definitely don't share! You have had a bad day you deserve the box.

6. Stop feeling guilty - feeling guilty for everything! We are often are own worse enemy and make ourselves feel worse than we have to. Guilty that we didn't get the days tasks done, guilty that the family had a crappy thrown together unhealthy dinner, guilty for doing number 5, guilty we didn't make time to workout, guilty guilty guilty. Stop, breath, let go, tomorrows a new day and each day you can improve upon yesterday.

7. Tidy up - now I may be alone with this one (although I know there's got to be some OCD freaks out there) but how much better do you feel when you tidy up? It doesn't have to be a super spring clean but perhaps wiping down the kitchen surfaces with some nice spraying bleach or throwing some Shake n Vac around and giving everywhere a good hoover can instantly lift your mood. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that ;)

8. Make time for self care - grab a bath, get a face mask on and get out a good book! When you have had a bad day there's no point stressing yourself out with things that require a lot of brain power. Make some time to run a hot bath, pop in your favourite bath bombs, whack on a face mask and relax. A hot bath can instantly lift your mood and help you unwind from the stresses of the day.

9. Exercise - This may not float everyone's boat but if you pride yourself on being a gym bunny then forcing yourself to a gym class when your in a bad mood can one hundred percent lift your spirits. Now you may need someone to give you a big push of encouragement especially if your in a really crappy mood but afterwards you will thank yourself for it!

10. Go out for dinner - sometimes day to day life can be so monotonous that this alone can put you in a bad mood (especially when tidying up the aftermath of toddlers throwing their food everywhere) Being spontaneous and suggesting dinner out can lift the whole families mood. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy or expensive just somewhere that can fill the families tummies and somewhere where you don't have to get down on your hands and knees afterwards to pick up all the food that your toddler has thrown!


So there's my top 10 things to do when your having a bad day - got any of your own feel free to drop a comment below.