Hey ladies,

Just a quick one today as I wanted to share my pregnancy top tips!

I'm in that high of second trimester where I'm feeling healthy and positive so it's been a great time to think ahead and incorporate some positive habits - some which you may not necessarily relate to being pregnant but I'm a big believer in having a healthy mind before anything else so here goes number 1!


1) A digital detox - I stumbled across a blog recently which mentioned how important it is to switch off our phones at least one hour prior to sleeping in order to get good quality rest. Now I don't want to be a slave to my phone, nor do I want to keep taking into the bedroom with me at night so as of 9 pm every night my data is switched off, my alarm is set and my phone is placed on charge outside my bedroom in the hallway. I'm only a couple of days in but already feel the benefits. Last night I even lay on the sofa for 15 minutes in complete stillness with cucumbers on my eyes and I felt MEGA refreshed and relaxed. It's a perfect time to dwell on the day, count blessings by being grateful and just unwinding. Not only is the phone off at night, I also don't touch it for the first 30 mins to an hour in the morning giving me that quality time with Jasmine and again to keep my mind set on being grateful and positive about the day ahead. Happy Mum = Happy Baby!


2) Drinking lots of water - When I'm not pregnant I usually drink a good 2 litres of water a day but when your pregnant and needing to constantly pee it can be quite difficult to get that same water intake. I've read up on how important it is to stay hydrated in pregnancy so I'm really being mindful of making sure I'm drinking enough. I tend to take two flasks of water to bed with me, one to drink right before I sleep and the other to drink as soon as I wake in the morning. Then my first hot drink of the day is hot water and lemon, followed by herbal teas and glasses of water.


3) Moisturizing - I've got to admit I'm not so consistent with moisturizing as it's a complete EFFORT at times, but now I'm switching my phone off at night and having that time to myself I'm lathering coconut oil all over my body - not just bump but my arms and legs to keep my skin smooth and soft. I was lucky only to get a few tiny stretch marks last time (although i didn't moisturize until i got them!) so this time I'm making sure i do it before any appear. I've heard amazing reviews about the Clarins massage oil so I am tempted to treat myself too it especially if it's going to keep stretch marks at bay!


4) Core belly breathing - some of you may have seen me rave on social media about core belly breathing and how i'm doing this daily. This is a technique I had zero clue about in my first pregnancy which is why I'm making a conscious effort to do it daily this time round. It's so important to keep the core strong and by doing the core belly breathing I'm keeping my core activated which will hopefully prevent diastasis recti and also help me regain strength after the baby has arrived.


5) Investing in friendships - not a pregnancy tip as such but lately I've been feeling so grateful for my friendship circles and the people that I get to do this season with. Not only are 7 of my friends pregnant, one of them is my best friend and it is so lovely to be able to do the season of pregnancy together especially when first time round none of my friends were pregnant. Being invested in friendships and keeping connected with other mums is an absolute blessing and I feel well equipped going from being a mum of 1 to 2 as I have lots of support from friends near and far. Several of my friends I only met through having Jasmine so I would 100% recommend that pregnant women think ahead about their circle of influence and tribe and get meeting other mums as it will make that transition alot easier, you will have friends for fountains of information and wisdom, friends to go for cups of tea with or turn to on those difficult days and also ready made friends for your babies. Win, win all around!


Ok so there's my pregnancy top tips! I'd love to hear any of your tips if you have any and let me know if any of these have been helpful!



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