Can we really have a conscious Christmas?

Consciousness is a word that I overly use in my household which is ironic as I spent the majority of my late teens and early twenties been straight out UNCONSCIOUS (on the drink that is). However, the more I learn, absorb and self discover the more I realise that 95% of who we are by the time we are 35 is a set of programmed behaviours and unconscious beliefs. So we are operating in auto pilot the majority of time. Leaving 5% for the creative conscious.

It’s the same programming that allows us to wake up, step out of bed on the same side, brush our teeth and shower without even having to think about it. And have you ever drove to work following the same route that you do every single day wondering how you got there as you were operating in total auto pilot!

The CONSCIOUS MIND is Creative 


It’s crazy to think that our subconscious is running the show and this subconscious was programmed between the ages of 0-7 which is why it is such a crucial age for brain development.

Anyway enough of the science before I lose you.

The thing is knowing the short few facts above can also uncover why we are programmed to be unconscious over Christmas (and I’m not talking about alcohol blackouts) but the way we excessively buy gifts, the way we ‘over hype’ Christmas for the children. Think Elf on the Shelf, matching Christmas Pjamas - even trips to lapland! Some families go over the top because they didn’t get a good Christmas when they themselves were younger - my dad is a prime example - he grew up in a children’s home and he was just a number. So understandably he wants to inject as much Christmas spirit as he can at this time of the year (no word of a lie his house is decked out like a GROTTO with so many dancing teddy bears and flashy lights its absolutely Christmas overload). Others may have belief systems around helping the poor and needy so may abstain from participating in an indulgent Christmas and instead decide to work at soup kitchens or just by pass the whole day. Who knows but what I’m asking is… is it possible to reprogram your beliefs around Christmas and have a more conscious one?

One where gifts are really no big deal but the conversation around the table is. One where Children aren’t overly obsessing over the Argos catalogue but are excited to have a full day of focused attention from their parents. A conscious Christmas where less pounds are spent and more time is spent. One where when anxiety inducing thoughts crop up we have mindfulness techniques to keep them at bay. One where we create self care lists opposed to gift lists. One where we slow down, become more attuned to the emotional needs of those around us. To be more invested?

I’ve visualised my Conscious Christmas last year when I was somewhat in a different state of mind to the one I’m in now and I can honestly report that I have NEVER felt so much peace and joy around this festive season and I’ve only bought ONE gift. I remind myself time on earth is short and consciously connected interactions (in-particular with my children and husband) far far outweigh any gift you can buy. And with that I ask again - is it possible you yourself can have a more conscious Christmas?

Love and Blessings 

Fiona NgComment