Birth Story - Labour with Jasmine

Today on the blog I'm sharing my birth story and labour with Jasmine. It's been a while since I have blogged but so much has happened i've got a good excuse. I'm now having to adapt to blogging via my phone opposed to laptop and having my baby daughter draped across my stomach whilst she sleeps.

I have friends all over the county and few dotted around the world so thought it would be nice to update people about my labour journey on my blog. I also know how apprehensive I was prior to giving birth I was constantly on google reading up on other people's experiences so maybe any mum to be's out there may like to read this to.

It's going to be lengthy so I hope you like stories.

On Wednesday 2nd September we were at one of our good friends weddings watching him get married to his beautiful bride. Before the day started I knew something was changing and spent the whole day slightly apprehensive and on edge. (I had been leaking more water than normal and wasn't sure whether my waters had totally gone - as i'd read that it's not always a big gush that you expect from seeing scenes in movies and on TV.)

Anyway - all day it was on our minds so I spoke to the hospital who said to come in and get checked over. We ended up missing the evening event of the wedding - sitting in the RVI hospital instead, matt in his tucks and me in my dress!

(Here's a selfie I took whilst being monitored - i was quite disappointed I didnt have her that night as my hair and make up was all done for her - haha)


After an examination (and a sweep - I wont go into detail) I was already 2cm dilated and the midwife said labour was defo close!

The next day was very surreal- I knew the sweep would kick start things, and for the first time in my whole pregnancy I couldnt manage to leave the house to do my food shopping. Luckily for me my brother and sister in law were up and offered to do the shopping for me, and then I spent the whole day in pjamas frantially cooking and freezing meals (full on nesting mode).

After having insomnia for several weeks in the last stages, this night was no different. I slept from 1am til 5am - waking up very alert.

Then shortly afterwards my waters broke on the toilet. Matt was in the shower and i said i'm not sure if my waters have broken - the look on his face was priceless.

I resisted ringing the hospital as I know when they ask you to go in they check you over then send you home until contractions are strong and close together.
I decided instead to have breakfast and started to do my hair and makeup (that was until a strong contraction hit - then the hair got scraped back and the makeup was never applied) and then we set off to hospital - this was about 8am.

As we thought everything was fine, waters had definitlely broken and we were booked in to come back at midnight - providing the contractions didnt get stronger and quicker together.

Surprisingly calm we went back home and had the longest weirdest day mooching around the house playing music whilst i bounced up and down on my pregnancy ball drinking cups of tea. Oh and i also had a few attempts of running up and down the stairs (i'll try attach the video we made)

Contractions got stronger from about 4pm and i couldnt talk to matt whilst i was having one. Relatively calm - i didnt take any pain killers and instead spent a few hours in the bath.

11.15pm struck and we decided to head to the hospital. I had tears in my eyes in the car as i was sad that life was never going to be just matt and i (i always find when you move forward in life that a part of the old you has to die in order to grow and experience change - it's not always easy though)

We arrived at the hospital and again still in good spirits. The midwife actually judged me on appearances and didnt realise how far along i was until she went to do an induction then realised it was unecessary - by this point i was 4cm dilated.


When the pain hit - i was frantic for some kind of pain relief. I spent a short while on gas and air which did nothing apart from take me back to my nightclub days where i would pass out and hug the toilet whilst the room spun!

This is defo not how I wanted to feel whilst birthing my daughter, so after asking the midwife what pain relief she opted for - (an epidural), i asked for that.

It took an hour and 3 attempts for them to insert the epidural in my back - but boy what a God send, i would literally have one over and over again - absolutely zero pain and i ended up falling asleep for over an hour.

By the time i woke up - morning was looming and it was time to get this baby out. Only problem was my contractions were few and far between, so i was on a hormone drip to increase them. ( the drip in my arm bothered me more than labour itself haha).

It was 9am and the midwife said i had approx 2 hours to push before having to explore other options. Energy was so low at this point ( i seriously regret not eating much on the friday when i was home after waters had broken) but mentally i was prepared to do what it took to get her out.

Matt reminded me last night that we had eminems song phenomenal playing in the background on repeat. How we had gone from norah jones classics to that I do not know haha!

Only downside with epidural was not really being able to feel when I was pushing her. With each push and holding of the breath, my face would go purple and i'd black out for a few moments - waking up, not knowing where i was or what i was doing.

Needless to say the last few hours were tough. I was in no pain (which was great) i was just mega exhausted and gave 100% but it wasnt enough to get her out.

2 hours passed and people started flooding into the room to perform a ventouse delivery. I was fairly out of it by this point and had a few tears but was still calm. I think i counted about 7 people in the room and had absolutely no idea why so many people were there.

15 minutes later and our little girl was born. And oh boy what a feeling (one only a parent knows what i'm talking about) Matt was fantastic. He had been sat in corner of the room the whole time but at this point he held my hand and spoke to me whilst i was getting stitched up which was a great distraction. I didnt even see the placenta, the cord and wasnt even aware i'd lost heaps of blood and they were discussing a possible blood transfusion.

I felt zero pain at all and just revelled in the moment of our new baby daughter who was layed across my chest staring at me.


It was so important that Jasmine and Daddy bonded - so shortly after I had a cuddle she was placed on Matt - I just love this picture - melts my heart. (you can see all his costa coffees in the background haha!)

Although the journey sounds pretty dramatic to explain - it really wasn't and I would do it over and over again. (The after experience on the wards - is a different story in itself and was probably worse in my eyes than the actual labour)

This is me after 4 nights with no sleep and almost 3 nights spent in hospital - we were waiting to get signed off to go home!


Having an awesome partner by myside and keeping my mind as positive and healthy as possible really did help the over all experience. Also knowing we had friends and family routing for us and praying for us, along with the Philippians verse gave me a sense of peace that i can't really describe but meant that at no point was i scared or fearful and i trusted that our baby would be born into the world in which ever way was necessary.

It's been one hell of a roller coaster and my next blog will be documenting the highs and lows of being a new mummy! We have adapted really well to being parents and surprisingly in the first week have managed to do 'normal' things like head out for lunch, visit people and go to the gym! (Gym - Matt not me)

We are so blessed to have some incredibly amazing people in our lives who have helped us at the start of this new journey and we are thankful that Jasmine Lily will grow up with some loving role models around her. Both sets of grandparents are besotted with her and we are so fortunate that we have such brilliant parents who have been amazing.

If you're pregnant and have any questions you want to ask feel free to drop me a message. Everyone's experience is different and there is no right or wrong way. Just enjoy the moment and be at peace.

God bless

Fi Fi Ng