The Winter blues (or seasonal Affective Disorder) is said to affect over 2 million people in the UK. So it's no surprise at this time of year people are feeling less motivated, perhaps slightly depressed, craving carbs (and sugary foods) or maybe really struggling to get through the day without wanting to nap. Everyone is affected differently by SAD - some may lose interest in social activities and meeting friends, fitness freaks may find their strict gym regimes may suddenly come to a halt and others may just want to hibernate and shut down from the world! (I feel you - the struggle is real!)

What ever your symptoms may be you are not alone and there's many ways to try and combat the winter blues over this season.

Here's my 5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

1. Go outside EVERY DAY - if you work indoors in a 9-5 job make sure you get some daylight. Try parking your car a bit further away from the office and having a brisk walk or go outside on your lunch break! If your a stay at home mum like me, get yourself out with the pram even if it's just for 15 minutes around your local estate! (I'm preaching to myself here as there's many days when I stay indoors and it makes seasonal affective disorder worse so get outside!)

2. Stay ACTIVE - although this is possibly the LAST thing you feel like doing - you MUST! I can't vouch for this enough. In the winter months I HATE working out. Lucky for me I have an accountability gym buddy who kicks my butt when I tell her I'm not going to the gym. I took a week off last week and I felt LOUSY, dragged myself there this week and felt a MILLION times better. It's a daily struggle but you will reap the benefits. Just make sure your doing something that gets the heart rate going - and if you can be accountable to someone, even better!

3. Talk to someone about how you feel - if you feel depressed and struggle over the winter months you must talk to someone about how you feel. You may want to stay indoors, nap and hide from the world but it will only make you feel worse (trust me I have first hand experience of this and I'm still learning!) Talk to a friend, business partner, colleague, doctor - anyone who you come into contact with and you may surprise yourself and find your not the only one who feels the way you do. 

4. Eat healthy - you no doubt crave carbs, sweets, sugary drinks and coffees but having a high intake of these will only make you feel worse (c'mon we've all experienced the 3pm sugar crash) Do the best you can to get at least some fruit and vegetables into your daily diet and if you can't stomach eating them whizz them in a blender and make a healthy smoothie! I think were all educated enough to know we are what we eat. Eat crap and you'll feel crap!

5. Put some music on - sitting around in silence with your negative thoughts for company will only keep you in a spiral of negative thinking. I'm an advocate for self-development and positive audio books but I'm wise enough to know that when were in a poor state we can't always absorb this knowledge which is why I'm suggesting putting some happy music on. Researchers have found that listening to upbeat or cheery music significantly improves participant's mood in both the short and long term. (You could always go one step further and pick an upbeat happy song for your alarm tone).

I must add this one to the bottom - get some light! I have a light therapy lamp but personally haven't really noticed much difference to my moods (I'm probably not using it enough to be honest). One thing I have done though is changed the light bulbs in our house to brighter ones and it makes a HUGE difference. It may knock my bills up slightly higher but who cares, it's dark enough outside without sitting in darkness inside!

I hope you take these on board and if you are feeling your mood and energy is lower than normal the winter blues could definitely be to blame! I've actually wrote the 5 ways to Beat The Winter Blues for myself as I have been struggling so bad lately but each action I mentioned really has helped!

Love, peace and blessings

Fi Fi Ng




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