Hey lovelies!

I've been slacking on the blogging front lately as I have been busy with a sickly toddler whilst also trying to get the final touches ready for my tea business launch so it's been quite busy to say the least. I actually intended to do a 30 weeks pregnant update although this week i'll be 32 weeks pregnant (literally just had to check my calendar to work that out haha).

It's surprisingly going super quick and I can't believe I have about 8/9 weeks left - we are getting really excited now and can't wait to meet the little cherub!

*Just as a side note - my personal Facebook is currently deactivated whilst I focus on getting my tea products ready and I also want to mindfully spend the next few months with Jasmine, being present and continuing my mindfulness habits. I've been throwing myself into tons of self development, reading books, listening to audios lately and I'm also determined to master a good meditation ritual before baby number 2 comes along as I know it's going to be so important to be centered and grounded whilst going through the next season of change! (so if you want to message me best way to catch me is via my blog or Instagram as I only check my Facebook page periodically and these blog posts autopost on there)

Here's my update:

How far along: 30 Weeks pregnant (although at the time of updating my blog I'm actually 31 weeks pregnant!)

Gender:   A girl 

Total weight gain:  A lot! I think about 32 pounds in total and the average weight gain is meant to be between 25-35.

 Maternity clothes: No maternity clothes as such but I did have a little shopping spree a few weeks back and bought some new tops and some shift dresses which are great with leggings. The intention was to be able to wear them in summer without leggings but the bigger my bump gets, the shorter the dresses go so I will not be wearing them for too much longer. Soon enough they will look like tops not dresses (eeeek). I also bought some new nike pro leggings which I LOVE and will still fit post baby! All i need to get now is some nursing/gym bras (oh the joys!)

 Sleep: I haven't been feeling too tired lately which I'm finding quite strange. If anything I'm suffering more from insomnia and don't feel tired enough to go to sleep until late at night. I literally toss and turn for at least an hour or more at night so I'm thinking i may just sit up and read until I feel sleepy. I'm not complaining though it feels nice to have some extra energy for a change! I remember having insomnia really bad when I was pregnant with Jasmine but it would be at such random times in the early am. I much prefer having insomnia late pm before I actually go to bed then being up in the early hours!

 Cravings:  No cravings but I do need to be a bit more disciplined. My diet is pretty good I eat a lot of healthy, nutritious foods and meals but it's just the extras I need to cut down on. My new regular thing is to book dates with friends at my favorite 'waffle dessert place' so it's getting a bit out of hand as my diary is full to the brim with waffle dates hahaha!

Symptoms:  * Insomnia (as mentioned above)

* Still having the gross taste in my mouth in the morning and having a super blocked nose! (not attractive at all)

* Acid reflux - Gaviscon and Rennies is my new best friend! It does stop me eating too much though as I feel all the food coming back up my throat - GROSS!

And right now I can't think of any others so that can only be a good thing!

Pregnancy Fitness: I tend to do a separate blog on my fitness update but to give you a brief overview I still have been going to my pregnancy personal training sessions on Saturdays and now I'm taking the workouts home with me and trying to do them at least 2-3 times a week. They are centered around small dumbbell weights, the exercise ball and using a theraband! I'll go int more detail on my next blog.

Belly/Body Changes: Still getting bigger but that is to be expected. I did read on another mum blog this week that her bump had slowed down with growing which I've never really heard about before but was hopeful that maybe mine will grow a little bit slower now too haha! I do feel overall my physique is in better shape than last time and my arms, butt and thighs are no way as big as they were in my first pregnancy! Also my wedding rings still fit where as I think I had to stop wearing them at about 25 weeks last time.

Best Moments this week: Buying a few baby items and everything for my hospital bag! I had a big splurge in Boots and got all the necessities for labour and hospital and I also bought some new bedding for the babe along with a few tiny baby outfits. Apart from an isofix car seat base and nappies there isn't anything else we need to buy so I'm feeling much more prepared than a few weeks back.

Another best moment was our mini trip away with Jasmine and on the way back we stopped at my grandparents house where there met Jasmine for the first time which was really lovely :)

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