I can't believe it's been 8 weeks since my last blog about my pregnancy fitness journey - it has completely flown over!

Now I'm in the third trimester things are slowing down a bit and I'm starting to really learn to listen to my body. Although this pregnancy has been fairly similar to my first one I do feel more knowledgeable about the field of health and nutrition and feel overall i'm a lot healthier physically and mentally.

I'm so grateful that I've been getting pregnancy personal training sessions each weekend at the Eden Centre. The knowledge gained there has been invaluable and has really helped me change my approach to health and fitness in pregnancy. Each week I exclaim to my trainer Mark "I look so huge today" - only for him to roll his eyes and say "GOOD, you would be worried if you weren't getting bigger" (I know you love me really Mark). But you know what he is so right and I'm really learning to love and accept my body and enjoy this process.


I kind of had a little revelation this week about fitness and whether my fitness regime is ego based or there for longevity. I enjoy lifting heavy weights (something which I'm not doing at the moment) and have previously loved being able to come home and tell Matt my personal best on a dead lift or back squat. Now this is all great, but in the grand scheme of things does it really matter? I'm never going to be competing and I'm never going to be lifting 90kg in my day to day life, so should I really beat myself up that now I'm 28 weeks pregnant I'm not lifting those kinda weights? Nope, absolutely not.

Longevity is something I'm striving for along with a happy healthy pregnancy. This is where the pregnancy personal training sessions come in. Although I don't feel like I'm doing a super intense workout I know it's really beneficial. I have been doing a lot of exercises with therabands and on the exercise ball with light dumbbells. This time round I have been paying much more attention to my core exercises along with my pelvic floor exercises! I had some resistance in the beginning but after Mark banging on about pelvic floors I am now obsessed doing them daily (anything to prevent needing tenna ladies in the future haha)

I have also being going to my local gym and doing my own little workouts as I just don't feel like I can keep up with the classes any longer. Thanks to trainers like my friend Chris from Circular Roots Personal Training I've been having personalized sessions put together for me so I have a little routine to do. I've been focusing on my glutes because my butt went south when I was pregnant with Jasmine so I'm determined to keep it pert (hahaha) and I've been doing some upper body stuff (seated) to keep my arms nice and toned as again last time these were my problematic areas. I'm not going to lie sometimes I'm finding it a struggle and I'm having to listen to my body and take plenty of rest in between reps.


I didn't manage to get to pregnancy yoga last week as Jo who runs it was on holiday and I'm on a mini break this week so it will have to be next week before I can get to preggy yoga! I can't wait. I'm still trying to make it my goal to do some more walking but at the moment this baby is so low down in my pelvic region it is sooooooooooooo uncomfortable so I've got to admit this is one big reason why I haven't been walking as much. I'm hoping when we go away this week the weather is ok so we can get out walking for at least an hour or so.

I'm going to do a separate blog soon about my nutrition now I'm in third trimester as there's lots to share! I've cut down on sugary snacks and have been really getting some good healthy fats, proteins and carbs into my diet and my energy levels are so much higher than they have been! Keep a look out for the post!

Fi Fi Ng


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