The hubby is out this evening so I thought I would get round to doing a blog with my 25 WEEKS PREGNANT UPDATE (although technically I'm 26 weeks tomorrow)


Second trimester is always the best trimester for me in pregnancy so there isn't too much to report on. I pretty much feel identical to how I did with Jasmine but know from about 30 weeks plus I'll start feeling much heavier and perhaps a bit more tired than usual. I am so laid back at the moment and have not bought one thing for baby B! I've spent sometime sorting out all Jasmines old clothes though so she has a full wardrobe of newborn and 0-3 months clothes hanging and waiting for her. It's surprising how much stuff is still brand new! I am looking forward to getting the few bits that we do need for the second baby though as I think it will start to make everything feel a little more real! It's getting EXCITING now hehe!!

How far along: 25 weeks pregnant

Gender:   A girl - we have another scan in two weeks so I'm hoping to double confirm this as they weren't 100% at the gender scan!

Total weight gain:  Oh my gosh, I've been weighing myself but can't remember the exact weight - think about 66kg and I was 54kg to start with. I think this is on track with the weight gain your meant to put on though.

 Maternity clothes: No! For some reason I stupidly got it into my head to look for maternity clothes and they are all AWFUL and mumsy so I am staying well clear of the maternity isle. This week I hit the shops with my best friend who is also pregnant and bought lots of lovely purchases (all normal size, just stretchy or floaty material) So I still can wear everything after the baby arrives. It is also absolutely miraculous that my jeans still fit so I don't need to buy any new jeans.. this certainly wasn't the case last time but then again I don't wear size 6 jeans like I did before I had Jasmine hahaha!

 Sleep: I'm getting as much sleep as I can as I've read it's really good for the baby so probably about 4 days out of 7 I nap when Jasmine naps in the daytime! 

 Cravings:  None really - everything I want is just in my head but I'm not denying myself of anything.

Symptoms:  My most recent symptom is itchiness! It's driving me nuts, in particular my scalp, shins and soles of feet have started to itch. It's not too severe but I'm aware of it so going to monitor it and ask the midwife about it next time I see her. Also, and this one is pretty gross - I wake up in the morning and my mouth tastes absolutely DREADFUL, my lips often bleed and I have a horrible coating on my front teeth. It's gross! And my nose is blocked and stuffy in the mornings so the first thing i do is brush my teeth and blow my nose - so random but I have read it's to do with the hormone levels



Pregnancy Fitness: Still feeling fit and strong! I am so surprised that I am keeping on top of my workouts but I really do think this is helping with the release of endorphin's which helps me stay positive and upbeat. At the moment I'm in a really happy place and feel incredibly blessed and grateful every day that I'm about to birth a second child and increase our little family. In a few weeks time I'm going to start back at pregnancy yoga with Jo from Happy Yoga I wont be able to go each week but hoping to get a few sessions in and meet some other lovely mum to be's!


Belly/Body Changes: Belly is slowly but surely getting bigger! I do think I'm more bump this time round as I don't really feel I've gained weight on my arms or legs (YET) but there's still time. I've come to the conclusion it's all genetics anyway. No amount of exercising can stop you gaining baby weight and it's the same for when it comes off postpartum. I know people who don't exercise at all yet give birth and walk out of hospital in size 6 clothing so go figure that one out! I'm just going to be extra kind to myself and what will be will be.

Best Moments this week: We keep asking Jasmine where mummy's baby is and she lifts up my top, it is so cute and when I asked her this before she actually lifted up my top and kissed my tummy. She's obviously seen Matt do this a few times so thats why she did it but was cute none the less. I'm hoping to get some photos of her and me with the bump (if she will ever sit still!)

Another best moment was getting dressed up with the hubby and having date night at my fave tapas place. I realized we always make an effort and get dressed up when it's an event like a friends birthday or wedding but never just when it's the two of us so we made the effort for a change and it was a lovely evening. Even if we were back home and in PJ's by 9pm haha..

I'll check back in at 30 weeks - and then the 10 week countdown will be on!





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