Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you a highly sensitive person?

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Knowing whether your a highly sensitive person or not isn’t so you can walk around with an affixed label more so you can understand yourself more. And through understanding you can have more self empathy and affirm that who you are is perfectly ok, normal and wonderful.

For so many people go through life as a highly sensitive person without realising and then thinking something is wrong with them when others aren’t this way or don’t understand you. As a highly sensitive person you may feel the energies of people in the room which makes it a lot more difficult to work in a hostile work environment or be in a group setting with a varying degree of personality types.

A highly sensitive person thinks deeply about things. Maybe they said something to someone and later dwells upon it. “Did I say the right thing?“Did I offend them?” “Oh I wish I never said that!” “Ugh I feel stupid now”.

  • A highly sensitive person thinks about a situation long after it happens and give it more thought than someone else.

  • They are sensitive to their environment. Whether it being loud noises, bright lights or furniture being soft and comfortable. 

  • A highly sensitive person is deeply moved by music or arts. So you tend to find a lot of highly sensitive people are creative people as this is how they express themselves.

  • A highly sensitive person is very intuitive and can sense what needs to be done in the room to make someone comfortable. Sensing if the heating needs to be put on or someone needs extra cushions/blankets (They make great hosts and event planners)

  • A highly sensitive person would avoid the news and violent/horror movies as they affect them greatly.

  • And a highly sensitive person often goes through life unaware of their beautiful uniqueness and can compare to others and think “Why can’t I be like that?”

Perhaps when you go to busy cities you are exhausted afterwards and need to retreat to a darken room at the end of the day where as someone else could quite happily go for dinner, cocktails and then onto a theatre show.

Or maybe when your at a social gathering you find yourself in the corner of the room petting an animal or playing with small children as it’s more comfortable then making small talk with strangers (highly sensitive people like deep conversations and find it hard to engage in small talk).

Whether your highly sensitive or not there is no right or wrong, it’s more so becoming more self aware about who you are so you can navigate through life with a lot more ease opposed to trying to act out and be like others.

  • Because when you know your highly sensitive you avoid watching the news and avoid watching violent movies. 

  • You can choose to go for dinner with one close friend opposed to going out with a big group to a busy bar for cocktails.

  • You can look for jobs or create your own business which is more suited to your personality, perhaps something that doesn’t involve a big team or a role where you have to speak in front of a lot of people.

  • You can just be happy and comfortable with yourself without constantly questioning what is wrong with you or why can’t you be more easy going.

I wish I’d known more about this when I was younger as I would have had a lot less struggles and internal battles.

The good news is knowing this makes you more equip for helping any children you have that may be highly sensitive.

  • So do you think your highly sensitive?

  • How has this impacted you in your life so far?

I’d love to hear from highly sensitive people in the comments!

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