Do You Want To Become A More Conscious Parent?

There’s no denying that every mother I know truly wants the best for their children.

It’s one of the reasons why I made the conscious decision to be a stay at home mum. As that’s what I thought was best for my children and for my family. The thing is whether we have the opportunity to spend every waking hour with our children or whether we only have the hours in between work and the weekends we still have the same opportunity to form a deepened connection with our children yet we don’t always know how.

Some high flying entrepreneur mums are savage in the pursuit of financial abundance so they can give their children the sort of life they didn’t have. So they can give them opportunities, financial security and so they can bypass the struggles they had.

Some working mums work really ‘hard’ because they want to BE the best role model to their children. To show that you go out to work and you bring home the bacon and that a woman can be just as powerful and successful as a man.

Some mums throw themselves in to the stay at home role. They spend hours on pinterest, they create the perfect nursery decor, homemake meals and come up with fun crafts and games to do with their children.

I’m generalising but the thing is all of these mums are trying their best and going after what they think their child needs however a big area which goes amiss is a conscious connection and really seeing their children for who they are and allowing them to be who they are destined to be.

You see theres many children who have come from parents who work ‘hard’ or who had an abundance of money so they could give their children every opportunity under the sun and there’s children whose mum stayed at home during the younger years to care for them but these children can all be left with that same void, that same lack, that same emotional childhood story:

‘My mum didn’t see me - she was so focused on working hard’

‘My mum was always away on business trips then she tried to buy my love upon her return’

‘My mum stayed at home but was always withdrawn. She didn’t play with me or really get to know me’

No matter which type of mum you are there are so many ways to make sure you do consciously connect with your child and that you do see and hear them (and I mean truly see them).

Throwing money at your child isn’t what children want (we all know of someone who had all the money in the world growing up but had lots of emotional issues). Working hard and being a role model is applauded but what happens if your child doesn’t care how hard you work. What happens if your job role isn’t important to them they just want you to be deeply present with them. Being a stay at home mum and giving your child every waking hour is admirable but if you are trying to live through your children there going to one day feel that and one day resent you for it.

When were out of alignment and we are fixated on one path we can neglect the others. Every mum needs to work on the relationship with themselves and to also work on the relationship with their children.

I’ve created a 10 week programme for mums like you who KNOW you are trying your best but something just feels out of alignment. For mums who want to still be the high flying entrepreneur but need to add some tools to their tool kit to help them repair the connection when they are away from their kids. For mums who want to continue to keep working hard but who want to be a more peaceful parent and for the stay at home mum who gives her all to her children but needs to forge her own path by becoming more empowered.

My 10 week transformational programme not only changes you but also radically changes your family. You will become more attuned to yourself, you will look at your own parenting past. You will observe why you are parenting the way you are parenting. How you can be your child’s emotional coach. You will understand your child’s needs greater. You will start to understand how your child’s brain works and is developing. You will become an active listener. There will be more peace in your family. You will develop a mutual respect for your children and put family values at the core and will no longer need to use any harsh discipline methods.

I’ll be opening up to new clients soon so if you are wanting to invest in yourself and your parenting please add yourself to the wait list to organise a call with me: Apply here

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