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Today on the blog I wanted to share my pregnancy fitness update with you! I'm not an expert in this field but I am so lucky that I'm blessed with lots of experts in my networks so I have plenty of opportunities to keep training under the watchful eye of these people throughout my pregnancy. With my first pregnancy I was doing circuit training and strength training (in large groups) and I sadly had to stop at 30 weeks due to lower back pain and also being mega confused about what I could/and couldn't do. So I continued with some pregnancy yoga classes but still didn't feel like I was getting as much exercise as I would have liked.



This time round I am part of a new gym which is heavily involved in British weightlifting (with expert coaches) so I do about 2-3 strength training classes a week and from 20 weeks I started pregnancy personal training with my good friend Mark Lees-Smith at the Eden Centre

I also got the chance this week to do a one to one private reformer Pilate session at Pilates Life and my instructor was also 30 weeks pregnant so it was really nice to do some good stretching and core exercises. (If I could do this 5 times a week I would but it is just super expensive).


Anyway back to my pregnancy personal training. At first I was a bit dubious about training with someone who was specially qualified in prenatal exercise as I don't really class myself as a beginner and still wanted to work up a good sweat. I've always had a preconceived idea that training geared towards pregnant women is very basic and simple but as the weeks have gone by I have really gained some great insights, techniques and I am understanding how to better position my body during exercises for me and bump.

It's nice to have the one to one training as I'm more used to group classes where I need to adapt certain exercises (plus my competitive side really really wants to keep up with the others in the class) so having the private sessions tailored towards me and my stage of pregnancy has been really beneficial and the long term goal is to be able to train right until the end of pregnancy.

I would advise any pregnant women to do some form of exercise whether it be going for brisk walks, swimming, yoga or doing something more intense at the gym. The worst thing to do is to sit on your butt for the full 9 months - especially as there have been studies to say that exercising throughout pregnancy is really beneficial. Not only is exercise a great way to realize those endorphins it's a brilliant time to get out there and meet other pregnant mums to be as a good support network is so important!

Also another little tip I've been given is to massively increase your water intake so you don't get dehydrated. The recommend daily intake is much higher in pregnancy so your looking on average about 10-11 cups a day! It is something so simple but something people don't do but it will really benefit you and baby by staying super hydrated so make sure you stay on top of this!


In my next blog I'm going to share some of the exercises with you so you can get an idea of the kind of things you can safely do throughout pregnancy and you can also do them at home. Things like core belly breathing exercises are just as important as your kegal exercises so these should be done daily and can be done whilst your running the bath or cooking dinner!


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