37 Weeks Pregnant - Last Update

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo OVER being pregnant! Haha.. now they are words I never thought would come out my mouth. I feel like doing a little victory dance because I've nearly made it to the end and I'm  37 weeks pregnant.

At 37 weeks pregnant I have had a relatively 'easy' pregnancy right up until now, being fortunate enough not to experience any morning sickness, just the odd bouts of tiredness!

So many people say the third trimester and last few weeks is the worst - and I'm afraid to say - it totally is! I feel like I have been pregnant for eternity and the ever stretching bump is getting bigger by the second. It's such an effort walking into my closet trying to find clothes to wear (only 5% of my clothing fit!) and finding clothes to wear on a hot day is a trauma in itself. Do i wear a maxi dress and have my legs chafing together, or do I go for 'leggings' the only thing that fit but makes me overly warm and far from 'summery looking.'

I really did take for granted my pre-pregnancy body and take back all those times I moaned I was too fat or unhappy with the way I looked. Looks aren't everything, however the excessive sweating, and breathlessness which accompanies being on the larger side is something I wouldn't wish on anyone!

Anyway - I'll put my little violin down and give you what hopefully is my last preggy update! (I don't intend to do another one unless I go over 40 weeks pregnant - please God noooooooooooo! I'm praying for her to be early or on time like her momma!)

37 weeks pregnant: Update

How far: 37 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: I haven't checked for a while but I know it's over a whopping 3 stone!

Maternity clothes: As mentioned above - barely anything fits, but with 3 weeks to go I refuse to go buying maternity or bigger size clothing. Bra's are now a thing of the past though as the wiring was killing me and I'd often start the day with one on and end the day with it packed away in my handbag! haha... sports bra's and maternity/nursing bra's are my new best friend!

Sleep: What is sleep?? I thought sleep was meant to be non existent when the baby arrives not before! Joking aside, I've been managing to get to sleep on the evenings, or my afternoon nana naps -  during the night I get up between 4-6 times for the toilet or to eat something (yes Matt did wake up one night and saw me sat their with a bowl of rice cakes and apple slices haha!) It is much more difficult sleeping now with the bump being soooo frikking huge i literally feel like i'm rolling over with a 20kg kettlebell strapped to me!

Cravings: No set cravings as such just a total lack of discipline - so sandwiches and scones have been on the menu more than once. These last few weeks I've really started to relax about what I'm eating as I know as soon as baby makes an appearance - i'll get my discipline and balance back as I will need to be fueling myself with some energy foods for me and babba and i know sugar will just make me tired and foggy!


• Acid reflux
• Sweating!! (I won't go into detail but hot weather and preggy women don't go together - apart from being able to catch a glowing tan!)
•  Shortness of breath - running up two flights of stairs in our house equals 5 mins of trying to catch my breath!
• Extreme Tiredness (could be related to low iron levels, so I am now on Iron tablets and I nap most days)

* Preggy meltdowns - one thing that has been consistent throughout my whole pregnancy is the fluctuating of emotions. It has been a complete roller coaster - some days I feel mega motivated like I can take on the world and I feel really positive about the future, then others I can be found hidden under the bed sheets having a total meltdown. The other week I woke up early and decided to cut the grass - only to hold a bunch of the lawn mowers wires in my hands (not realizing the deep cuts in them) and then got a huge electric shock through my hand). I came in the house and cried for 30minutes, ringing Matt in hysterics because I wanted to cut the grass so I could hang the washing out! Totally emotional but Thank the Lord I have my rock and mega team mate to stick by me and he is very empathetic - we can laugh about it now, but at the time he must have thought I was a total loon!


Belly/Body Changes: Just being mega HUGE and my face is so swollen I'm desperate to get my jawline back. I have also unfortunately spotted some tiny stretch marks on each side of my hip - I have been sooooo lucky up until now and was slightly upset when I spotted them. They are however tiny and I've been using coconut oil each evening which seems to be making them less visible!

Best Moments this week: ah there has been so many (these past few weeks i've felt really happy and positive)... I am officially on maternity leave and it was also my birthday. I've been super spoilt with gifts for me and baby and it's all starting to become very real! Our pram is now up and the car seat is all ready strapped in the back of the car. Hospital bag is packed and we are ready to go!

Exercise – Does walking up the stairs count? haha.. Exercise is a no go apart from the odd preggy yoga class. I've slowly become less guilty about this and have stopped comparing myself to these crazy healthy cross fit types who deadlift everything and anything right up until their due date. We are all so different and when I was last exercising about 4 weeks ago I would wake up with mega pelvic and back pain the next day so decided that was my bodies way of telling me enough is enough! Screw you exercise!! well for the next few weeks anyway, I'm not going to lie i am really eager to get back into the gym and I think i will be approaching it from a totally different perspective this time around and look forward to being energetic again!

On My Mind – When is she going to ARRIVE!!! I literally CANNOT WAIT! Every single ache or pain I feel I'm convinced labour is around the corner bahahaaha! I am so so impatient and keep dreaming about her little face, legs, hands and just keep picturing her in our arms.. I really haven't thought much about labour as i don't think there is any point until D day arrives. I'm going in there with a positive, mentally focused mind and I'm believing for a positive birth experience!


Like I say hopefully this is my last preggy update but I intend to do 'new mum' updates once the babe has arrived as it's important for people in similar seasons to share their experiences and not feel isolated.