Oh my word – I can’t believe it’s been 10 weeks since my last pregnancy blog update. Here I am at 31 weeks pregnant, and our lil babe will be here before we know it. So much has happened since I last blogged about this and now it’s starting to feel more real!

As you know we went on our baby moon to Greece a month ago which was lovely, if not slightly difficult with being pregnant. It was cankles galore, as I had swollen up so bad for approx 3 days. Sleep is getting more interrupted now as it’s so hard to get comfy and I really can feel the extra weight I am carrying around.

It’s normal now for matt to take off my tops which I can’t get over my head, or to do up my sandals! Baby brain is something I totally get now especially after an episode yesterday where I left my phone in church and didn’t realize until I got back to the car. Initially no one handed it in and I was about to have an emotional breakdown. Luckily we were heading to my parents for lunch (in silence I may add as I was so upset that I had lost my phone ), that was until someone called Matt to say it had been handed it, so we drove back to collect it! Anyway, now were joking that I’ll have to clip my phone round my neck or onto my trousers!

Emotions have been fairly bipolar (poor Matt) and my feelings change as quick as the weather. On a super sunny day you can find me in the garden soaking up some rays (I’m loving new pregnancy pigments which makes it much quicker to tan!), with a good book just relaxing and enjoying the vitamin D, and on a rainy day I feel like the world is over and I don’t want to get out of bed – total manic! There’s been a few hormonal episodes (randomly crying in Starbucks with Matt for absolutely no reason), or feeling overwhelmed that 2 is going to become 3 and that we will have to become a lot less selfish with our own needs! And also the ever increasing bump, large thighs, big knickers, huge bra’s and wearing the same clothes all the time whilst constantly looking at pre-pregnancy photos wishing I was stick thin again!

That aside, I still count my blessings and I’m so excited to meet our babe!

Here’s a new update below - 31 weeks pregnant

How far: 31 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain: It’s been several weeks since I checked but last time I was tipping the scales in double digits – I’m at least 2.5 stone heavier than I was pre-pregnancy – yikes!

Maternity clothes: I still have resistance, but now I have one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity harem trousers. I’m lucky that the weather has been great as I’ve been able to wear stretchy wide legged summer trousers (think hippy chic), or I can still fit into a lot of dresses I have. On colder days I’ll just pull on my gym gear, however that being said I went to the gym last week and packed some sports trousers and a top that I hadn’t worn for ages – bad mistake. They cut into my hips to bad and the top barely covered my bump. I ended up leaving the class early and I’m ashamed to say I drove home with my trousers pulled down as they were just so painful! That teaches me for going to the gym thinking I can still fit into size 8 lycra at 31 weeks pregnant haha!

Sleep: As mentioned above, sleep is fairly difficult at the moment – especially in the heat. I get up several times in the night for the toilet or to stomp out any muscle cramps in my legs! I can’t really complain though as I’m not in any pain or anything.

Cravings: Pretty similar to first trimester – back on the cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks ( soooooo not good for me, but soooo good at the time). My meals are getting smaller as I can barely fit a big meal in without getting acid reflux or heartburn – so meals have been things such as boiled eggs on toast, or jacket potato and tuna! I’m trying my best to be healthy but I’m being nowhere as good as I was prior to being pregnant. I am looking forward to getting my diet more balanced once she is here and I’m already mentally prepping meals I will be making.


• Acid reflux
• Stiffness in lower back
• Feelings fluctuating (one day feeling mega happy, the next feeling hopeless, fed up and over whelmed)
• Tiredness

Belly/Body Changes: A super huge tummy – honestly the amount of times people who have told me that I look rather huge for my current stage of pregnancy – I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or punch them. I’m half expecting a super huge baby, or for her to come early because they have my dates incorrect. Anyway, everyone is different and I’m trying not to compare my bump size to anyone else! Eeeek…

Best Moments this week: We have a new family car! It was a fairly quick decision because we decided mine or matt’s car wouldn’t be suitable to cart a baby around in so we have a new super duper 4x4 type car. It’s huge compared to my Peugeot 207 but it’s good practice for when one day I purchase a Range Rover or BMW X5 (yes, dreaming big haha!) I can’t wait to see our lil babe in the back in her car seat – we are so blessed!

Exercise - I’ve been going to the gym once or twice a week, but I wouldn’t even call what I do exercise. I literally go to move, stretch and to still feel connected to the gym as I figure it be a lot less harder to get back into gym classes once I’ve had the babe if I keep on going. The other day however, I did fall asleep on the gym matts whilst I was stretching – they were super comfy!! That being said I'm glad at 31 weeks pregnant I'm still managing to do something. I haven’t been to yoga for a while – and if I’m honest it’s because I’ve felt down and depressed more than up lately and I’ve struggled to get motivated and out of my comfort zone. I do hope to go back soon as it’s really nice to meet other preggo mommies to be!

On My Mind – what on earth am I going to do when the baby comes and will I still have a life? I’m an ambitious person and I have a number of goals I want to accomplish in life. The thought of my life being stuck in the house or going to constant mummy groups, or outings for cake and tea every day absolutely petrifies me so I’m trying to think creatively about what I chose to do once the babe has arrived and to implement some positive habits to ensure that I stay sane. I understand the next season is totally going to be focused on the babe but it’s also important for me to be in a good state physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally in order to give her the best of me – but boy, I’m more than aware that things are about to get serious and I’m sure we will have our fair share of ups and downs. Matt and I are a great team so I’m positive that we will put together to help one another.

Feel free to share any positive stories, helpful advice etc as I love hearing about people’s experiences! I’m sharing some preggo bump pictures below ranging from 12 weeks pregnant to 31 weeks pregnant!