21 Weeks Pregnant: An Update

We had our 20 week scan on Friday and have some exciting news to share with you!


We feel incredibly blessed and I'm really enjoying pregnancy.


How far along: Second Trimester - 21 weeks pregnant

Gender:   We found out on Friday that we are having a little baby girl - we are absolutely thrilled to have a baby girl - deep down I really wanted a girl so I feel very blessed that we will have a baby Princess - we have her name already picked. It's not a secret as such so feel free to ask, just not sharing it on here for time being, i'll give you a clue though - both her first and middle name are flowers and i'm going to fill her nursery with artifical flowers!

Total weight gain:  I went on the scales at my mums house - and i've put on a whopping stone! I've never been 9.5stone in my life so was very strange to see this number on the scales, but i know it's all normal!

 Maternity clothes: I haven't bought any maternity clothes but I've made a few purchases of basic tops/dresses from H&M and Forever21. I'm absolutely loving Forever 21 and have got some lovely items for our babymoon in Greece next month! I'm debating getting a couple of pairs of Maternity jeans from Topshop as i'm missing wearing my skinny jeans! I've been wearing long vest tops with leggings as they are just more comfy than trying to squeeze into my normal jeans..

 Sleep: I'm still having the odd nap, and get up now and again through the night. I had terrible flu a few weeks back and I suffered from insomina for about 3 nights. It was awful, and spent nights sat up watching TV. I felt very depressed being stuck in the house and had no motivation to do anything - hence why i've been slacking on the blogging lately!!

 Cravings:  Still Orange Fanta! I'm really trying my best to cut down on the sugary drinks as it really isn't good for you. This week I've only had fizzy pop on 2 days - I had to celebrate finding out were having a girl on Friday with a blackcurrant and soda - It was a special occasion afterall! I have been eating more healthily though, eating alot more fish and i'm slowly getting back on the smoothies and juices so our little girl gets lots of vital nutrients!

Symptoms:  If i sit down for long periods of time on the sofa, I have slight lower back stiffness - it's absoluely nothing to complain about but i defo can't get up as quick as normal. Also, I must be going to the toilet about 20 times a day (that's no exaggeration!) The sonographer said that baby Ng is sat really low and her feet were pressing on my bladder. My placenta is low so I have to have another scan at 32 weeks and if it doesn't move may need a C-Section, but fingers crossed it moves in time!

Belly/Body Changes: My belly is still getting big (I would be happy if it stayed this size - but I know it's going to get hug, especially by the time i reach third trimester) I've noticed my skin has been clearing up too and my hair only now needs washing approx once a week - it's so thick i'm loving it! I had quite a few inches cut off a couple of weeks ago and i'm really hoping it grows really long in these next few months!

Best Moments this week: Finding out were having a girl and finding out she is really healthy. I don't want to go into too much detail but we basically had some news a couple of months ago about some tests I had which basically suggested baby Ng may not be a 'healthy baby' and could have a disability. We spent a couple of days quite upset about the tests results, but as Christians made a decision not to allow fear and worry to strike and continued to go through the rest of the pregnancy ignoring the results. Thankfully - at the 20 week scan we were told everything looks perfectly normal and healthy so we were very overwhelmed and emotional. God is good! :)

Another best moment was having baby Ng's nursery painted and going baby shopping with my mum! The nursery furniture is arriving next week and i'm so excited to start creating her dream zen room (watch out for some pictures!)

Exercise I haven't done anything intense this week and have only been getting a workout in once or twice a week. I have started pregnancy yoga which i think is going to be really beneficial and really enjoyed it. Also, Matt and I went for a really long walk the other day and were going to start walking more often when the weather is nice to make sure I keep moving! I do want to keep up with the gym workouts though as i've met so many ladies who told me they worked out all throughout their pregnancy and it was the best thing they ever did!

On My Mind - what is she going to look like! I can't wait to meet her and keep imagining what she is going to be like. We talk about her all the time and are just really super excited!