16 Weeks Pregnant - Update

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks since I last did a pregnancy update blog! Time has just flown over (although at the same time seems to be going slow too). I'm so fortunate I still haven't had any pregnancy pains or symptoms apart from tiredness so sometimes I forget i'm even pregnant!

Anyway, i've done an update below and will do another after the gender scan!

How far along: First Trimester - 16 Weeks Pregnant!

Gender:   We won’t know until the end of April we were tempted to do an early gender scan but were just going to wait (I’m so impatient!!)

Total weight gain:  I don’t have any scales so I’m not too sure, I don’t think I want to know either.. eeek!

 Maternity clothes: Not yet – I’m determined not to wear any maternity clothes and to just improvise with what I have… I’ve got a feeling I’ll be living in leggings shortly as my fave pair of black skinny jeans are becoming uncomfortable even with the hair bobble trick!

 Sleep: I’ve been having bouts of insomnia and finding it hard learning to sleep on my side as I usually sleep on my stomach. I’m still getting approx 7-8 hours sleep but I do fidget and wake up during the night!

 Cravings:  Orange Fanta, Sprite and Easter Eggs – I swear cravings are all in the mind so I’m going to slowly wean myself off the crap stuff! I eat probably 70% healthy at the moment, but I don’t want to regret my actions once baby is born and I’m trying to shift the weight – I want to get out of the sugar habit fast! When I initially fell pregnant I had been off the sugar for 2 months. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl so I’m trying to learn balance and moderation with certain foods!

Symptoms:  I’ve still been super blessed and haven’t had any preggo symptoms apart from still being very tired. I tend to get at least 1 hour of extra sleep during the day when I’m off work, sometimes more if I’m tired and lethargic!

Belly/Body Changes: Stomach is slowing growing but I’ve got a feeling it’s suddenly going to pop out! At the moment when I lay down my stomach still looks kinda flat so I’m waiting to see how that goes in the next few weeks!

Best Moments this week: Being super blessed – my parents bought us a lovely crib for the babe which was a lovely lovely surprise and we are very grateful as this season of life can become quite costly! Also today I ordered the babies bedroom furniture which was inspired by an interior design blog. I’m going to get creative with the babes nursery as I’ve never done anything like this before but I am looking forward to a little project to keep me busy!

Another best moment this week is feeling flutters in my tummy. I’m pretty sure I’ve been feeling baby Ng move around my tummy – and felt baby more strongly when was in church yesterday (I think he/she liked the loud music!) I keep touching my stomach all the time as I’m desperate to feel the movement and keep getting Matty to see if he can feel anything too (it’s so surreal!)

Exercise:  I’m managing approx 3 workouts a week, but some weeks I have been less as I’ve had a busy schedule! I’m still so confused about what I can/can’t do as there’s so many different articles out there. I’ve been told I can’t do any over the head exercises but then I’ve seen pregnant women on instagram doing barbless and pressing over their heads with kettlebells so I’m utterly confused!

On my mind: the next scan! We had a bit of unsettling news about the babe a couple of weeks ago so I’m really eager for the next scan to see how the baby is progressing and to check everything is ok!!