I can't believe the time has come for me to do another 16 weeks pregnant update - you can catch my 16 weeks pregnant update with Jasmine here:      https://www.themamateadiet.com/home/2017/1/6/16-weeks-pregnant)

I'm not going to lie Matt and I didn't expect to be having another baby so soon but I did always bang on about a second child when Jasmine was a few months old so I guess I spoke 2 under 2 into existence haha!

I am happy to report that I am over the 12 week depressive slump - horayyyyy! And I'm totally feeling healthier and happier and I'm looking forward to seeing pregnancy progress. I am no longer feeling nauseous (or being put off food by the strong smells!) but I thought I'd do a little update below like I did with Jasmine. Here goes:


How far along: 16 Weeks Pregnant!

Gender:   We will find out at the end of February - I'm guessing a boy and if it is I want to pick a slightly oriental name so feel free to offer suggestions!

Total weight gain:  So far so good - 7 pounds which is on par with the weight gain expected in pregnancy.

 Maternity clothes: Not yet – I’m so resistant to maternity clothes I will go as long as I can without wearing maternity clothing. I don't feel my clothes are tight yet and my jeans still do up so that's a blessing! 

 Sleep: How much sleep does someone with a toddler get? haha.. Luckily Jasmine is an epic sleeper (when she does sleep through the night) and she is never up before 8am, sometimes 9am if I'm lucky. However these past two weeks she's been on and off with sickness which has taken it's toll on Matt and I. Although being a stay at home mum I find myself going for 2 hour naps during the day when Jasmine goes for her nap so right now I'm pretty blessed with an abundance of sleep! Horayyy!

 Cravings:  hmmm - I'm not too sure I don't think I have any right now. In the first 12 weeks I craved fanta, sprite, anything fizzy! Right now I don't feel I have any cravings (I keep telling myself there all in the mind haha)

Symptoms:  Apart from feeling tired (perhaps running around after a toddler could contribute to this also) I feel pretty good. I don't actually feel pregnant right now!

Belly/Body Changes: Stomach is slowly but surely growing day by day but is not huge. I was the same last time at this stage then all of a sudden it popped out (I don't think I'm ready to get huge this time eeeek) What I am surprised about is so many people say that you get bigger a lot quicker in second pregnancies but so far this doesn't seem to be the case. I'm thinking it's maybe because I lost all the baby weight from Jasmine and have quite strong ab muscles?

Best Moments this week: Just feeling happier in myself and managing to get to the gym. I'd love to get there more but I have to be realistic to what I can fit in around my lifestyle and setting up a business - so I'm happy with 3 time a week for now :)


I'm going to do another update at 20 weeks when we have our gender scan