10 Weeks Pregnant

First Trimester pregnancy

I'm 10 weeks pregnant in my first trimester and so far apart from extreme tiredness (naps when I get in from work at 4.30pm until about 7pm, then back to sleep for the night about 10ish) I have been totally sickness free - yipppeee!

One thing I have joined the dots on though is my eating patterns!

I've decided not to beat myself up about what I'm eating (after all - a little human is growing inside me) but I couldn't help wondering why I'm wanting certain foods. I wouldn't even say it's a 'craving' as such, I've just gone off lots of stuff I would normally eat and I feel as if I have reverted back to my childhood as I've been wanting to eat loads of food which I ate when I was younger.

Pizza and chips, Chicken Kiev and Chips, Sprite, Sweets, Crisps - you name it and I want it!!

I've gone off curry - (which is my fave food!) I've gone off HERBAL TEA - which I just can't believe and the thought of a plate of veg or salad - really does not excite me! It's very strange, but I decided to google it and apparently it's quite common - and Jessica Simpson even had the same weird desire for childhood foods when she was pregnant! Scientist suggest that pregnant mothers who are feeling emotionally stressed subconsciously revert back to foods and items  that remind them of their childhood!

I'm not sure on there findings as I wouldn't say i'm particularly emotional stressed but sometimes I don't know what I feel!

I'll do another pregnancy update in a few weeks and hopefully my eating habits get a little bit more healthier. Good news is I've still been managing my workouts and I went 3 times last week so hopefully that makes up for the packs of crisps I've been chomping down!

In these pregnancy posts I'm going to do a little Q and A at the bottom as already so many of you have been emailing me saying how your looking forward to these posts so you can relate to your pregnancy. I think it can be daunting times being pregnant especially if you feel you don't have a good support network so it's nice to share experiences with one another.


Pregnancy update: 10 weeks pregnant

How far along: First Trimester - 10 weeks Pregnant

Gender:  Uknown for quite some time yet, but I've got a sneaky feeling it could be a boy!

Total weight gain :  My weight prior to pregnancy was 8 stone 5, i'm now approx 8 stone 11 - I'm really aware I need to clean up my diet as I know I haven't been as healthy as I used to. Personally I look back and I was quite strict with my diet prior to pregnancy - i'd actually given up sugar for 2months, along with wheat and some other foods - I think since i found out I was pregnant - I have actually used it as an excuse to eat crap which I know is not acceptable and I don't want to regret it post baby so i'm cleaning my act up!

Maternity clothes: Not in maternity clothes yet and hopefully won't be for a while - although my favourite topshop jeans no longer fasten and i've been using the hair bobble trick to keep them up! I have gone up 2 bra sizes though which i'm more than happy about (a boob job without the surgery - result!)

Sleep: I sleep at normal times and probably get up a few times during the night to the toilet - lucky for me we have an ensuite so don't have to travel far. As mentioned above - I have been having naps in the afternoons or early evenings but there shortening now and usually get about an hour as i feel my energy has increased loads!

Cravings:  Childhood foods as I've already mentioned. Orange fanta and lemonade are defo on the hot list for cravings and i'm having about a can a day which i'm not too thrilled about as before pregnancy i had like one can a month!!

Symptoms:  Apart from tiredness, and the urge for unhealthy foods - i'm pretty much symptom free - praise the Lord. I stupidly read so many pregnancy forums about morning sickness as i was worried that I had none - I think other mums were trying to make themselves feel better by saying 'morning sickness is a sign of a healthy baby and if you don't have any your baby is not healthy.' I drove myself mental with stuff like this and totally worried that everything wasn't ok. Now i've changed my perspective and i'm just counting my blessings and being totally grateful that i havent suffered from sickness like some other poor women out there!

Belly/Body Changes: Bigger boobs - and just a bloated tummy for now. I keep poking my belly out trying to work out whether it's baby Ng or just the plate of carbs I just ate!

Best Moment this week: Just counting my blessings that I have had no sickness and that I am actually PREGNANT. I am so so grateful and can't believe I have the most amazing free gift inside my tummy :)

Exercise: I've been doing spidercise classes approx 2-3 a week. It's quite difficult as i'm confused about what i can and can't do and there's so much conflicting info out there online! I've read that your not meant to be 'puffed out' when exercising so if i feel myself taking it to far i sit a round out and catch my breath!

On my mind: Is the baby ok? Waiting 12 weeks for a scan seems like a life-time! I can't believe pregnant women go that long before they know that the baby is still developing or whether there's multiple babies in there! There are twins in the family so that's something that's always on my mind - is there 1 or 2? Who knows!!

I'll be doing another update once i've had the scan!!

Fiona Ng