Yayyyy! I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant and i'm not going to lie - it has absolutely flown over! Most of you know we found out last week we are having another baby girl which I am ecstatic about. Now for baby names. It is so much harder picking a second baby name, at the moment we have been battling around with the following:

Florrie, Maisie, Mia, Molly, Daisy, Rose, Belle, Lily and just this minute I've thought of 'Blossom' (as it was the name of a wall vinyl I was looking at for the nursery decor!) None of them are sticking though it's so hard. I want to pick something super pretty, perhaps a flower name like Jasmine, something that's not overly common and just a real girly name (any suggestions welcome!)

As i'm at the halfway mark I thought I'd do a quick pregnancy update as these updates are great for me to look back on and to also share with my other pregnant friends near and far! (I have about 7 friends pregnant at the moment, talk about baby boom!)

How far along: 20 weeks pregnant

Gender:   A girl - this isn't 100% confirmed though. One of the sonographers said not to quote her on it as was really difficult as the baby didn't stay still and it took them over 30 minutes to get all the information needed. The second sonographer said she was 99% sure though so fingers crossed - I'm excited to get all Jasmines old clothes out and go through them, it's defo going to save us alot of pennies!


Total weight gain:  15 pounds which I think is normal for where I'm at.

 Maternity clothes: Not yet – my jeans are still fitting and all my tops fit! I do think I'm going to treat myself to some new gym gear though as it's been ages since i've bough some new clothes. I'm hoping my black Virgos lounge dress that I wore on NYE will still fit as we are at a black tie party on Saturday night!

 Sleep: I seem to be sleeping better when I nap during the day, opposed to night time, probably because Matt snores!! (oh my gosh, if anyone has any advice for handling sleeping with a snorer please let me know it's SO annoying!!) 

 Cravings:  None really I'm really being wise about what I'm eating and i'm not over indulging any more than I would before I was pregnant. I have been having the odd small carton of fresh orange if I'm needing a little sugar fix.

Symptoms:  Just bouts of tiredness, and I'm absolutely exhausted the day after I've exercised so I'm thinking I may have to slow down the pace and drop my weights but I'm so resistant to this, I'm naturally competitive and want to keep up with others!

Pregnancy Fitness:I'm so fortunate that I'm well networked to some amazing health professionals who have been giving me some great advice. Most recently I had a Skype call with Meredith from http://www.40weekfit.com who has been sending me some home workouts, core breathing exercises and basically really giving me some beneficial advice re pregnancy fitness.

Also this week I've started personal training with my good friend Mark Lees-Smith from the Eden Centre http://www.eden-newcastle.co.uk/ who has kindly offered to give me personal training throughout the rest of my pregnancy and postpartum. This is a great additional to the group classes I already do at my local gym.

Belly/Body Changes: Belly has officially popped! I think I'm about the same size as I was when I was 20 weeks pregnant with Jasmine the bump just seems to be laying lower

Best Moments this week: Finding out were having a baby girl and also having our first baby free night away at Ramside Hall for Matt's birthday. It was so lovely having some quality time together, even if Matt did fall asleep at 9.30pm and I ate chocolates and drank tea in bed whilst reading haha (we are so old!)

I'll do another update at 25 weeks and see if much has changed!



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