Avoiding Mental Health Issues In Children By Acknowledging Their Feelings

How many people grew up in a loving, happy, kind family environment. Perhaps you went on lovely family holidays, Christmas was always a joyous family affair and you have great childhood memories.

And how many who grew up in this type of family set up, now as adults struggle with mental health issues?

Have you ever suffered from depression, anxiety, low self esteem?

Now I want you go back and ask “How were my feelings dealt with as a child?” 

Did your parents emotionally attune to you?

And by emotionally attuning to you I mean did your parents often ask you “How are you feeling?” and when you did have strong feelings were they acknowledged and were you offered empathy?

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Why Distracting Your Kids Doesn't Work And What Works Instead

Has your child ever been flooded with big emotions and because you didn’t know what to do you resorted to distraction? Distraction usually works momentarily however it moves us away from confronting the issue at hand by in fact just making the child focus on something else. There’s so many learning opportunities we miss out on when we resort to distraction.

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Are You Learning To Co-Parent After A Separation Or Divorce?

Conscious Parenting can help you and your family transition more smoothly through a divorce or separation given you put your differences aside and focus fully on the children. The thing is there doesn't have to be amniosty or hostility.

You have ended your relationship for a reason so now it's time to focus forward and put all your energy into yourself and your children.

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A Conscious Parent Isn't a PERFECT Parent

Have you ever shouted at your kids and realised you sounded JUST LIKE YOUR PARENTS??

My gosh, I even think like them and then in my mind I’m like '“No, don’t go there, STOP, don’t say it” and the words of my mum or dad are literally on the tip of my tongue.

You see when we aren’t in a good state, when are cups aren’t filled. When were tired, perhaps sleep deprived, overwhelmed and just troubled it’s so easy to slip into the power pattern way of parenting. It’s like autopilot shouting and yelling at the kids, conjuring up some sort of discipline method to make them listen or wanting to power over them and let them know that you are the adult and they are the child and they are to do as you say!

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