“Every Interaction With Our Children Is A Reflection Of Our Own Relationship With Ourselves”

Children are our greatest teachers and every day we are provided with an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Through Conscious Parenting we can delve deeper into our own upbringing and see how that is playing out in our own parenting. We can wake up and break generational parenting patterns by finding a more peaceful, a more gentle, a more conscious way. The question is; Do you want to wake up to a new level of consciousness? You do? Well you’re in the right place. Let’s do this together…

Are you aware that your patience runs dry and you lose it with your child more than you would like?

Are you using your mum shouty voice on the daily?

Are you getting frustrated that despite your best efforts your child will just not listen or cooperate with you?

Are your best parenting tactics bribery, rewards and punishments as it’s the only way to get your child to do something?

Are you tired of trying and failing to be a more conscious parent?

I’d love to help you find more peace, joy and calm in your parenting.

Working with me as your coach you’ll get the support, encouragement and accountability to keep you on track.

  • Through weekly coaching calls you will be able to offload all your parenting struggles and have a safe space to express how you feel.

  • We can often feel ashamed or frightened to talk about our parenting struggles especially if we get stuck in the comparison trap and assume that everyone else is an amazing parent and we are the worst. These calls will provide the opportunity to look further into your limiting beliefs and replace them with new positive affirming beliefs which will increase your self confidence.

  • Together we will find exactly what is going on in your parent/child relationship and we will be able to find more peaceful solutions.

  • You will have access to weekly educational material which will help you dive deeper into conscious parenting and increase your knowledge. You’ll be eager to learn more each week and you will no doubt find friends and family start to see the positive changes in you.

  • Your life will change in ways that right now you can’t even comprehend. When someone invests in their parenting they invest in themselves and the people around them. You will see your relationships transform. Perhaps certain things will no longer serve you and you will have a different outlook on life.

  • Throughout this process not only will you be drastically changing the trajectory of your child’s future but you will be changing your own. You will be so much more self aware, more conscious in your day to day life and you will likely want to seek change in other areas of your life too whether that be your career, your partnerships or discovering new hobbies and interests.

If this is something which you are feeling called to do I’d love to invite you to have a relaxed chat with me. If you live locally we can meet at one of my favourite coffee shops by the sea 🌊 (my treat) or if you’re not local we can set up a time to talk over Zoom conference call.

Contact me on any of my social media channels or website contact form to express your interest.

I can’t wait to work with you and be there every step of the way for your transformation.

Love Fiona xxx

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Parenting Coaching

Why would anyone hire a Parenting Coach? Well why wouldnt you?

I don’t know any parent that doesn’t face some sort of struggle when it comes to their parenting. Whether it being power struggles on the morning getting children ready for school or constantly having to use your shouty mum voice to get your children to listen.

Through hiring a parenting coach you will be provided with the opportunity to safely share all your parenting struggles and concerns and not only that you will release limiting beliefs, find a new calmer way of doing things and you will deepen the connection between you and your child.


Life Coaching

Sometimes in our world we don’t have the support network that we may like or need. You may have plenty of friends and a good family however you may not have anyone who really deeply listens and hears you out without any judgement.

Perhaps you have big dreams and goals but no one to share them with and you don’t know how to press forward. Maybe your a mum and you don’t want to go back to work but you don’t know what else to do?

Through 1:1 life coaching sessions you can be fully supported to positively move forward on your goals whilst also having someone who really listens and can create space for you.


Radically Changing Our Children’s Future

I believe we can change the world by changing the way we parent. The more people that wake up to conscious parenting the more our children’s future is going to change.

I see a future where every child is seen, heard, understood, unconditionally loved.

I see a future where parents are emotionally attuning to their children. Where both parent and child can speak about their feelings and find healthy ways to self soothe.

I see a future where everyone can actively listen to one another refraining from judgement and just holding safe space for the other to express.

We don’t have to donate thousands to charity to change the world. It starts with what we are doing every day in our homes.