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A Bit About Me:


My name is Fiona Ng and I live in the North East of England with my two daughters (age 2 and 4).

I’ve been a stay at home working mum for 4 years so I know that the struggle is REAL when it comes to parenting.

I help parents like you who know some changes need to be made but just don’t know where to start. I know not every parent has the time nor desire to consume and read all the parenting books. The books are great but I know radical changes weren’t made in my own family until I decided to go all in with my own parenting.

Perhaps you grew up and feelings were never talked about? Maybe you were parented in the strict authoritarian way where you were to be seen and not heard so now as an adult you don’t know how to express or verbalise your feelings healthily and this is having a negative impact on your own children. Maybe your pacify your children with electronic gadgets more than you would like but you just cannot cope. I get it, I’ve had my fair share of parenting struggles but now i navigate through my parenting days with a lot more peace and calm.

Hope is not lost regardless of how old your child is. You’re on my page because you have the awareness and you just need a bit of guidance to form those deeper connections with your child. Help with setting and sticking to healthy boundaries and tools so you can emotionally coach your child so they can go through life knowing how to regulate themselves and develop self discipline.

The question is are you ready to radically transform your family and your child’s future for the better?

You are?

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If I wasn’t a conscious parent I would be…

A permissive parent!

My default style of parenting sways more towards ‘permissive parenting’. This is the opposite of the traditional authoritarian parenting. A permissive parent tends to be really loving, yet provide few guidelines and rules and the thing is if parent’s don’t enforce healthy boundaries and limits, children will have fewer opportunities to develop self discipline.

I didn’t want to be a shouty, angry mum as I grew up with a strict authoritarian parent and vowed to be nothing like that. Being an all or nothing person I unknowingly fell into ‘permissive parent’. My daughter would run out towards oncoming traffic and I would outwardly be calm and collective but inwardly be FREAKING out! She once hit me in the face with a book and I just gleefully smiled when inside I was raging with anger. I’d do anything to avoid expressing anything other than happy, loving mama.

This way of parenting caused massive disconnect as I would feel one way, and act out another.

Thank goodness for discovering Conscious Parenting.

> Through training as a Conscious Parent I finally learnt how to set healthy boundaries in the most peaceful way.

> I learnt how to express my own emotions properly which means I am in the best position to model and guide my daughters through their own big emotions

> I delved deeper into anger and understand how detrimental the suppression of emotions are and that there is such thing as ‘healthy anger’.

> My girls have limits set around family values and we have very few power struggles or tantrums..

And now I want to help other parents have transformation in their families. Just because I’m a conscious parent it doesn’t mean I’m a perfect parent and sometimes I do drift back to permissive parent. The difference now being I have the self awareness, the tools and the insights to come back to a place of consciousness.