“Every interaction with our children is a reflection of our own relationship with ourselves.”

Do you feel like your children never listen to you?

Have you read books on gentle/conscious parenting yet still find yourself yelling and issuing time outs, defaulting to power discipline methods?

Do you have days where you are in survival mode counting down the hours until bedtime?

Have you reached breaking point and you’re not sure where to turn?

Perhaps you are successful in your career yet you feel like your giving your everything to work but deep down you know your kids deserve more.

You want to give the best version of yourself to your family and are READY to make a change you just don’t know where to start?

Is this you?

You grew up in a family where you didn’t feel seen or heard and you’re determined to make changes in your own parenting but still find yourself pacifying your children with digital gadgets so you can catch up with your friend in a coffee shop.

You had your place as a child and you respected your parents out of fear. Yelling was the norm, timeouts, perhaps even spanking. You vowed never to be that kind of parent. But now you are a parent, you find yourself yelling a lot.

You get angry when your child won’t get their shoes on, when they won’t wear their coat and when they refuse to eat breakfast. You feel yourself wanting to control your children by using strict discipline methods but they only make you and your child feel worse.

You feel like a failure as a parent and deep down you crave for a more loving, peaceful relationship with your children…

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Hi, I’m Fiona Ng

I’m a conscious parenting coach and I’m passionate about creating positive change in the lives of parents and children. Being a parent is tough. We aren’t provided with a manual when we step out of the hospital and at times we can really feel lonely, stuck and as if we are straight out struggling spinning all the plates that we as mothers have to spin.

Parenting requires us to constantly evolve. We know our children are constantly growing and changing but we need to change and adapt too. That’s where conscious parenting comes in and I believe we can ALL be conscious parents and we can literally break generational patterns and change our children’s future for the better!

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Fiona’s story

“I’ll never forget the moment my youngest daughter was 3 months old and she was admitted to hospital with viral meningitis. I had just launched my e-commerce business which took a year to plan and launch. I was sat in her hospital room looking at her laying there thinking this is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life.

I felt alone, overwhelmed, frightened, worried about the outcome but there was also a portion of me that was stressing out about my new business…”

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