My heart beats to spread the message of conscious parenting.

To assist parents in becoming more conscious around their day to day interactions with their children.

So many of us want our children to be ‘world changers’ because this makes us feel good and gives us a purpose to believe this however we cannot expect them to be something that we ourselves are not.

Because our children model what they see.

And what people don’t realise is that it is actually ourselves that can be world changers. By changing the way we parent. By breaking generational parenting patterns. By stopping traumas being passed down the generational line. By going within. By doing the healing work. By looking in the mirror that children hold up to us.

When we give birth to life we have two choices.

To continue going through life on autopilot, being reactive and allowing our subconscious programming to run the show.

Or to wake up.

To allow our children to be our greatest teachers. To learn lessons every single day. To self enquire. To be more awake, more conscious. As it’s only when we wake up that we can actually see where changes need to be made.

When we create the habit of observing ourselves we can look for the opportunities to grow and to change. So instead of being continuously triggered by our children and just labelling them as naughty, acting up, being in a phase, we can actually turn inwards and ask ourselves “What is it about this that I find so triggering?” “What unhealed part of myself is being revealed?” “How did I get responded to as a child?”. There’s so many self exploration questions we can start asking and this is where the transformation begins.

We become less reactive and more conscious.

We ask better questions.

We make better choices.

We self reflect, learn and grow.

We heal any shame and guilt we have carried around for years.

We realise the limiting beliefs we have lived up to are not in fact our own but the voices and narratives of others.

We can let go and just breath.

We can start again.

So I invite you on this path with me. The path of consciousness where we don’t just survive the days. But where we learn and absorb so much. Where we self heal and heal for our children. Where we ask better questions. Where we are committed to transformation and change. Because it’s as we do this, we change the world.


A Bit About Me


My name is Fiona Ng and I live in the North East of England with my two daughters (age 2 and 4).

I’ve been a stay at home working mum for 4 years so I know that the struggle is REAL when it comes to parenting.

I help parents like you who know some changes need to be made but just don’t know where to start. I know not every parent has the time nor desire to consume and read all the parenting books. The books are great but I know radical changes weren’t made in my own family until I decided to go all in with my own parenting.

Perhaps you grew up and feelings were never talked about? Maybe you were parented in the strict authoritarian way where you were to be seen and not heard so now as an adult you don’t know how to express or verbalise your feelings healthily and this is having a negative impact on your own children. Maybe your pacify your children with electronic gadgets more than you would like but you just cannot cope. I get it, I’ve had my fair share of parenting struggles but now i navigate through my parenting days with a lot more peace and calm.

Hope is not lost regardless of how old your child is. You’re on my page because you have the awareness and you just need a bit of guidance to form those deeper connections with your child. Help with setting and sticking to healthy boundaries and tools so you can emotionally coach your child so they can go through life knowing how to regulate themselves and develop self discipline.

The question is are you ready to radically transform your family and your child’s future for the better?


Take Action

Ready to build deeper connections with your children? Ready to feel more peace in your household? Want to break generational parenting patterns and be a better parent?