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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Conscious Parenting Coaching?

Firstly, I will tell you what conscious parenting coaching is not. It is not helping you to be the ‘perfect’ parent as there isn’t such thing. Secondly, if you are here because you are trying to ‘fix’ your child you’re in the wrong place.

Conscious parenting starts firstly by looking at yourself, your emotional heritage and your upbringing, so you must be prepared for a lot of inner exploration. To put it simply you must be willing to parent yourself before you can effectively parent your child/children.

A lot of times we don’t realise that our our own upbringing is still affecting us today and plays out when we interact with our children. Conscious parenting allows you to go inside, explore your own inner child, release the core limiting beliefs you have been carrying for years and to parent more peacefully.

The conscious parenting coaching with me covers a 10 week course where you have weekly 1-1 sessions with me whilst also having work to do during each week.

What will I learn

You will learn so much about yourself and you will deepen the connection with your child. Children want to be seen and heard, deeply listened to, respected and consciously connected.

It is true that we are all doing the best we can with the resources and mindset we currently have however I am here to expand your mindset and give you effective practical tools so you’re not operating from a place of lack.

You may end each day with ‘mum guilt’, vowing to try better the next day or just feel terrible about the daily tantrums and frustrations your experiencing. Through the 10 week course you will make peace with yourself and your own parenting past which will allow you to parent more peacefully.

Who do I work with?

Anyone who wants to grow and change.

I don’t have kids yet can you work with me?

If you are pregnant and want to be prepared for your parenting journey I can certainly look at putting a short programme together for you. I love pregnancy and it is a beautiful season. I can either do 1-1 coaching sessions or tailor a programme for you.


Please note that parenting coaching is not a substitute for therapy. If you have deeper issues or severe mental health problems you will be advised to seek the appropriate therapy and support.