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The 10 Week Transformational Parenting Process:

We see a personal trainer if we want to lose weight, we hire a cleaner if we want help cleaning our home and we speak to sleep consultants if we want to get our baby into a sleep schedule yet we don’t look anywhere for help with our parenting. This is likely because we feel like a failure, we feel shame, judged and for what ever reason we don’t want to ask for help.

The good news is Parenting Coaches are emerging and we are here to help you. Parenting coaching provides a NEW way for parents to gain support for a variety of parenting issues.

You’ve heard the term ‘it takes a village?’ and you know today more and more of us don’t have villages. Some of us are solo parenting, parenting in blended families, parenting with lack of extended family around and feeling damn right lonely in the process. I get it, I’ve been there - it was one of the main driving forces behind training to become a parenting coach and I’m so glad I did!

Not only will you go through this course uncovering limiting beliefs, understanding why you do the things you do and finding practical tools for communicating, empathising and CONNECTING with your children - you will also have my one-to-one support on our weekly coaching calls and feel supported in a safe, confident space along your parenting journey.


The 10 Week Process

Together we will explore:

  • Week 1: Making Peace With Your Parenting Past

  • Week 2: Your Quantum Mindshift As a Parent

  • Week 3: Making Sense Of Brain Science and Emotional Intelligence

  • Week 4: Forgiveness and Parenting

  • Week 5: Empowered Conversations

  • Week 6: Integration and Practice of a New Mindset

  • Week 7: Establishing Boundaries According To Family Values

  • Week 8: Exploring Anger

  • Week 9: Play With Your Kids

  • Week 10: Your Personal Transformation


The 10 Week Parenting Programme

It is an honour to take parents through this transformational 10 week process and I feel blessed that I can help people deepen their relationships with their children and have a more peaceful, connected household.

The programme requires absolute commitment and you must be ready to invest in yourself and your family.

Each week there is a module to work through and you will have access to weekly audios, reading material and recommended reading. We will also have a weekly coaching call set up at a convenient time for you. This allows you the opportunity to talk through everything that is going on for you and your children. It is a safe space where you can discuss your parenting struggles, your discoveries and any breakthroughs you are having (trust me there will be many!)

week 1n.jpg

Week 1

We need to understand how our own childhood experience shapes your parenting style. It’s amazing how much is revealed to us once we explore our own upbringing. In week 1 we dive right in looking at generational parenting patterns, your relationship with your child and becoming aware of your childhood story.

week 2.jpg

Week 2

This week you will be exploring any emotional baggage from your past. Through this process you will uncover any limiting beliefs that you have been carrying around with you for years and you will be able to relieve this baggage and form new beliefs that you can anchor and carry forward.

week 3.jpg

Week 3

This week is my favourite - understanding brain science and emotional intelligence! This will help you understand your child better and you will be able to be their emotional coach and help them with their left and right side of the brain.

week 4.jpg

Week 4

Theres so much power in forgiveness. This week we will explore a transformation process that you will apply to your parent-child relationship.

This process will carry you forward and constantly be revisited throughout the 10 weeks.

You will reconnect with yourself, your child and reconnect with the energy of the person you have forgiven. This week includes a powerful forgiveness meditation.

week 5.jpg

Week 5

You are going to learn a new way of communicating covering 5 steps to having an empowered conversation. This is going to be incredibly powerful for communicating with your children. From a peaceful and empowered place, you will learn how your needs can be met, as well as your child’s.

week 6.jpg

Week 6

This week through quantum affirmations you will explore how to create new neural pathways by creating new affirmative beliefs. We will also be continuing to explore communication.


Week 7

Boundaries… This is the one area where parents struggle and during this process you will learn to establish boundaries by exploring your family values.

Forget time outs, naughty steps and threats. This week is going to truly open up your eyes to a new way of doing things.

week 8.jpg

Week 8

Anger is an opportunity for connection and it also acts an an internal compass which tells you which of your needs are not being met. Exploring anger in depth will create those shifts to help your child with their own anger.

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Week 9

“Children don't say, “I had a hard day at school today; can I talk to you about it?” They say, “Will you play with me?” (Lawrence J Cohen).

When we learn to connect with our children on their level, we learn to play the way they want you to. Week 9 - you will learn about playing with your kids and different ways to have fun.

week 10.jpg

Week 10

Time to explore everything you have learnt and how the 10 week process has shifted the paradigm of parenting for you. A reflective week but also one where you will feel incredibly proud of the work you have done and the changes made in yourself and your parenting.